Imagine finding a gentle and encouraging space, where you are able to grow as a knitter and a designer. In this world you are able to tackle the most ambitious projects and designs, knowing that there is support available for you to make sure that you achieve what you set out to do. The end result is stunning, whether it is knitting techniques which you never thought you could master or that design that has been rolling around your brain for an eternity that you are able to get down on paper and publish.

With years of experience providing  training online, my approach to both knit design and tech editing is simple: I want to help you grow. Grow in confidence and experience, in self-believe and creativity. Help you publish that pattern or tackle that stitch that you have struggled with.

I have been a knitter for most of my adult life, through the ups and downs of international moves my knitting needles and yarn kept me company. I caught the knitting bug from the LYS which was right next to the bookshop where I worked part-time while in school. I am not the type to start things the easy way, so my first project was a big cardigan in seed stitch – that thing took forever! Once it was done, I wore it maybe 2-3 times and then it stayed in a dark area of my closet for years. I had stubbornly not listened to all the instructions that had been available to me, but had simply gone with the pattern as written, and since it was a traditional German magazine pattern, the instructions were rather sparse.
Over the next 13 years I made the journey from acrylic yarn (the cheaper the better) and free patterns to mostly natural fibers and indie patterns. In the process I’ve knitted a bit of everything and learned a ton, yet to this day I love finding a pattern that stretches my abilities and helps me learn something new. Knitting is a passion that I have always want to pass on.

Go check out the rest of my website, whether you are looking for new patterns right now, or you are a designer, looking for some support.

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